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As an experienced UPS service provider, DC Group delivers streamlined, one-stop maintenance and emergency service for every make and model of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) built since the 1980s, including Vertiv (Emerson/Liebert), Eaton (Powerware), Schneider Electric (MGE/APC), Mitsubishi, Toshiba, General Electric and many others. Today, DC Group is North America’s #1 independent uninterruptible power service and supply maintenance provider with service throughout the United States and Canada.

Where the OEM leaves off, DC Group steps in, maintaining your UPS equipment with the largest inventory of UPS parts (including obsolete and OEM-discontinued parts) in the industry. It all adds up to smarter power management and better use of your critical power budget. Get in touch to streamline and save.

DC Group is fully operational, and has comprehensive COVID-19 safety measures in place. For immediate 24/7/365 emergency service any time call:

uninterruptible power supply maintenance

DC = Data Center

DC Group stands for Data Center Group. As a seasoned UPS service center, we specialize in mission-critical services for our data center clients across the U.S. and Canada. Discover what makes us the #1 trusted independent commercial and industrial uninterrupted power supply maintenance provider.

Power Pros

Our field service engineers (FSEs) have a minimum of seven years of OEM or military UPS experience. Your personal account manager keeps you on a proactive track. Our Power Pros are the key to DC Group’s 100% service completion rate.

uninterruptible power supply pros
uninterruptible power supply maintenance parts

Parts Power

As a trusted UPS power supplier, DC Group has the largest inventory of uninterruptible power supply parts in the industry – including obsolete and OEM-discontinued parts. This means you can keep your equipment going strong and make the most of your original UPS investment.

24/7/365 Service

Get someone to your site in record time, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Our unmatched parts inventory and experienced field service engineer team gives you the fastest response times in the industry during a UPS emergency.

The PowerTools Suite™

Discover the most advanced suite of power management software in the industry. Maximize the performance and efficiency of UPS equipment with this innovative technology, complimentary with every UPS maintenance plan.

Your Power Plan

Clients typically save 25% or more on uninterruptible power supply maintenance and emergency services when they switch to DC Group. Customize your contract and coordinate services for more savings. Discover the DC Group difference.


98% Customer
Satisfaction Rate

Overall support is outstanding, scheduling and cost estimating rock!

Keep up the good work and thorough communication!

DC Group is the best. The techs come in and do their jobs and leave. Never any issues with these guys. They are so good.

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Works great for me.

Great company to work with. Always very diligent in their PM services, reports and scheduling.

I have been using DC Group for years on multiple accounts and have never had any issues.

DC Group engineers always wear what’s appropriate for the specific job. This is best practice and we appreciate that.

All members of the DC Group team have always been very professional and courteous, and flexible enough to meet changing schedules and requests.

The service tech always performs his work in a timely and safe manner.

The technicians are amazing.

Lithium-ion Batteries — Should You Make the Switch?

As an independent service provider, it's our job to offer unbiased guidance when new technology emerges in the industry. This includes advances in battery technology. Right now, lithium-ion battery technology (or “Li-ion”) is slowly making its way into the mainstream. As these batteries come out of warranty, we are seeing more service requests and questions about purchasing new, as well as retrofitting older units with Li-ion battery technology. Our Field Service Engineers (FSEs) have undergone rigorous training on the Samsung and Vertiv (HPL) Li-ion battery cabinets, as well as additional models as they roll out. We are ready and able to service the new technology, but what is our take on it? Should everyone make the switch? It depends. There are both multiple advantages and multiple disadvantages, and here are a few! Advantages of Li-ion Battery Technology Save some space. Lithium-ion batteries have a very high energy density, which means they can do the same work as a typical valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) system while using 50%–80% less floor space. These batteries also weigh 60%–80% less, revolutionizing storage needs. Lower your HVAC bills. Li-ion batteries are...

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