The UPS Parts You Need.
When You Need Them.

DC Group has the largest inventory of UPS parts in the industry, including OEM-discontinued and obsolete components. We made this investment to save our customers valuable seconds during critical backup power events and standard service calls. In a UPS emergency we can be on site with the correct part in an average of 2.35 hours in the U.S., making us the fastest and most reliable independent critical backup service company in North America. Our large inventory of OEM-discontinued components also means we can support every make/model of UPS unit built since the 1980s; you replace when it makes sense for you, not when the OEM discontinues support. Keep your equipment going strong with DC Group’s parts power.

Maximize Your UPS Investment with Obsolete and OEM-Discontinued UPS Parts

In addition to inverters, fans, capacitors and common “consumables,” we maintain a huge inventory of hard-to-find/obsolete components for clients who want to prolong the life of equipment no longer supported by the OEM. Our D-Tech™ software keeps you on track with proactive maintenance for all your parts, allowing you to see what your replacement needs will be up to 10 years into the future! This lets you plan your budget, as well as get the best possible performance for your investment. Talk to us about how you can extend the life of your equipment with the power parts you need.

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