The PowerTools Suite: The Future of Uninterruptible Power Supply Software

The PowerTools Suite of uninterruptible power supply software brings power management light years into the future. Each tool was designed to advance the industry. When we couldn’t find a database system designed to store and streamline critical power maintenance data, we built D-Tech™. When we couldn’t find a completely secure remote monitoring system for UPS units, we built Site Sentry™. Best of all, the PowerTools Suite is complimentary with your maintenance contract. The software is easy to use, highly intuitive and mobile friendly.

D-Tech™: Intelligent Maintenance Reporting

Each service visit reveals valuable data about your equipment. But you can’t access that data if all you get is a flat PDF service report. With D-Tech, your maintenance data is stored and streamlined in a robust, interactive database. You can access and organize that data to discover trends, create reports, or budget full UPS equipment and UPS parts replacement out to 10 years into the future. D-Tech is also the only reporting system accessed at three points – by the client, by the engineer and by your dedicated account manager. This creates seamless communication and total transparency. Find out more!

uninterruptible power supply software
uninterruptible power supply software monitoring

Site Sentry™: The Industry’s First Secure Remote Monitoring Solution

Modern uninterruptible power supply units are software driven, which is great. However, this also means they can be hacked. Site Sentry is the only secure remote monitoring software available. It encrypts and authenticates all data (the same security protocol used by banks) and protects firewall integrity with a proxy agent. At the same time, it monitors unlimited UPS units 24/7/365.

Keep your data secure while you keep your uninterruptible power supply units going strong. Learn more about Site Sentry.