The PowerTools Suite™

PowerSuite Tools

Revolutionizing Uninterruptible Power Supply Software!

At DC Group, we believe in pushing the boundaries of power management. That’s why we’ve developed The PowerTools Suite, a cutting-edge set of uninterruptible power supply software designed to advance the industry and make your life easier. Let’s take a closer look at our two powerful tools:

D-Tech™: Intelligent Maintenance Reporting

Get ready for hassle-free UPS maintenance reporting with D-Tech. This comprehensive and interactive database system streamlines and stores critical power maintenance data, empowering you to access and organize valuable information effortlessly. Here’s what D-Tech offers:

Streamlines and stores critical power maintenance data in an interactive database.

Access and organize valuable data for trend analysis, reports, and budgeting (up to 10 years).

Three-point access system ensures seamless communication and complete transparency between clients, engineers, and your dedicated account manager.

Ready to transform your maintenance reporting?

Site Sentry™: The Industry’s First Secure Remote Monitoring Solution

In today’s software-driven world, security is paramount. That’s why we developed Site Sentry, the ultimate secure remote monitoring software for your uninterruptible power supply units. Powered by robust encryption and authentication protocols, Site Sentry safeguards all your data with the same level of security used by banks. But that’s not all – take a look at its remarkable features:

Robust encryption and authentication protocols for data security.

Protects firewall integrity with a proxy agent.

Monitors an unlimited number of UPS units 24/7/365.

Want to keep your data secure while ensuring the reliability of your UPS units?

SmartKey™: Unlock Total Control and Efficiency

Find the key to a new era of UPS management. With SmartKey™, unprecedented access to UPS “operating systems,” empowers DC Group engineers to service equipment at the OEM level, providing a level of access that no other independent can offer. With SmartKey, you get top-tier service without the OEM price tag.

SmartKey™ empowers you to:

Program and Calibrate Parameters
Configure Circuit Boards

Tailor Battery Options

Backup and Restore Control Logic

Manage Alarms

Set Battery Parameters

Customize Equipment Options

Discover how you can elevate your UPS control and management.