UPS Systems for Data Centers

DC Group, a leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) service provider, excels in providing essential UPS systems for data centers throughout North America and in Europe. Our expertise goes beyond maintaining UPS systems necessary for companies and data centers of all types, we also offer our customers remote monitoring of UPS systems including battery performance, emergency maintenance, and the ability to service and supply UPS parts, including those that are no longer in use.

Tailored Maintenance Solutions

Tired of multiple service providers for each brand of your UPS units? With our expert Field Service Engineers, DC Group is a one-stop service provider, maintaining every make and model of UPS manufactured since the 1980s. DC Group ensures you get the most value out of your UPS budget by self-performing all PMs and battery maintenance and not relying on the OEMs. Our tailored solutions are crafted to address the specific needs of data centers, offering multiple levels of coverage and providing a seamless and reliable power infrastructure.

Data Center Protection with Indispensable UPS Monitoring

Data centers, the core hubs of modern organizations, require exceptional protection. Any disruption to their operations can lead to serious consequences. UPS monitoring plays a crucial role in protecting data centers, operating as an essential bridge during power outages.

Our secure remote monitoring tool, SiteSentry™, extends beyond basic power protection, delivering an array of advanced features. SiteSentry is included with every service plan we offer for UPS systems for data centers. It enables remote monitoring of variables such as battery voltage and temperature, input voltage, load balances, and alarm response status updates. The customizable alerts allow you to track and adjust conditions in your data center for optimal equipment durability and performance. SiteSentry ensures your systems not only remain powered but also functioning at optimum efficiency over the long term, saving you headaches and your budget.

When you work with DC Group, you benefit from our decades of industry expertise, predictive maintenance features, and advanced remote monitoring capabilities. Our software provides the assurance that vital systems will persistently operate, maintaining resilience even in the event of power disruptions.

Expert Field Service Engineers

Our power professionals undergo comprehensive training to not only meet but surpass safety requirements in data centers and other critical power facilities. Our team of field service engineers is at your service 24/7, 365 days a year, prepared to handle your UPS needs wherever they arise. Rely on DC Group for exceptional expertise and unwavering reliability when it comes to UPS systems for data centers.

Get UPS Solutions for Data Centers

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