SmartKey™ Empowers You to Take Control

SmartKey™ provides our engineers unprecedented access to the “operating system” of UPS units, setting us apart as the only ones capable of delivering OEM-level service at independent prices. With SmartKey™, you’ll experience a whole new level of control, efficiency, and cost savings.

SmartKey™ let’s you to take charge of your UPS equipment like a pro. Our innovative product enables you to:

Program and Calibrate Adjustable Parameters: Fine-tune your UPS settings to perfection, ensuring optimal performance for your unique requirements.

Configure Circuit Boards: SmartKey™ gives you the flexibility to configure circuit boards effortlessly, adapting your UPS to your specific needs.

Tailor Battery Options: Enable or disable battery features with ease, so you’re always in control of your power supply.

Backup and Restore Control Logic: Safeguard your critical control logic by backing it up and restoring it whenever needed.

Alarm Management: Clear and reset alarms effortlessly, and customize messages for building alarms to suit your preferences.

Battery Setup Parameters: Configure battery setup parameters, including the number of strings and cells per string, for seamless integration with your setup.

Equipment Options: Enable or disable various UPS equipment options to match your exact requirements.

98% Customer Satisfaction Rate

“Great company to work with. Always very diligent in their PM services, reports and scheduling.”
“Overall support is outstanding, scheduling and cost estimating rock!”
“DC Group is the best. The techs come in and do their jobs and leave. Never any issues with these guys. They are so good.”
“Just keep doing what you’re doing. Works great for me.”
“All members of the DC Group team have always been very professional and courteous, and flexible enough to meet changing schedules and requests.”
“The service tech always performs his work in a timely and safe manner.”
“The technicians are amazing.”

Experience SmartKey™ and unlock the true potential of your UPS equipment. Get in touch with us today to elevate your control and management capabilities.