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We provide OEM-level maintenance and emergency service for every make and model of UPS equipment built since the 1980s including: Vertiv (Emerson/Liebert), Eaton (Powerware), Schneider Electric (MGE/APC), Mitsubishi, Toshiba, General Electric and many others. Bring your complex service needs under one roof and watch efficiency skyrocket. Whether you have a single site or dozens of sites, types of UPS equipment and maintenance schedules, DC Group can organize it all with a single point of contact and a suite of intuitive client software tools.

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Coordinated Services

We also offer coordinated services for your facility including generator maintenance, HVAC maintenance, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) repair, and remote UPS battery monitoring. Time to replace your UPS unit? DC Group has access to multiple manufacturers and can guide you through the purchase process for the best use of your UPS budget.