The D-Tech Difference

  • Stay on track: From the smallest parts to entire UPS units, the UPS consumables screen lets you plan and budget maintenance out to 10 years into the future. Account managers work with you through D-Tech to keep your proactive maintenance on track. This means you get the best performance from your equipment and a better value for your UPS investment.
  • Get your reports quicker: Technicians use D-Tech to upload your maintenance report on the spot after each service visit.
  • Monitor sites/equipment: Get at-a-glance and detailed status information on specific equipment or entire sites.
  • Search and organize: Search and organize all your service reports and maintenance data in seconds. Easily download all data to create your own reports.
  • Improved transparency: See your open, closed and pending maintenance and invoices, plus all quotes for service and other accounting information.
  • Discover trends: The Equipment Trending feature shows voltages at the time of each visit so you can create a trend line, see how voltages compare and predict peak usage of uninterruptible power systems and other patterns.

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Seamless Communication, Solved!

D-Tech is the only asset management software accessed at three points: by your DC Group dedicated account manager, your DC Group service engineer, and by you. D-Tech serves as your complete communication hub for instant communication and reporting. It also helps improve transparency and simplicity for your accounting team with complete records of quotes and invoices, plus pending and completed service.


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Enjoy all the features of D-Tech with our proprietary D-Tech App. The app has everything you need for mobile management and communication with your DC Group power team!