Vertiv UPS Solutions

At DC Group, we have your critical power needs covered, with high quality, efficient maintenance and emergency services that address the operational needs of UPS units of all makes and models manufactured since the 1980s. This includes Vertiv UPS units. The Vertiv UPS services our team offers are designed to keep your critical power systems in a constant state of operational readiness and avoid downtime.

When OEMs are no longer available to service your UPS equipment, we step in and provide the UPS maintenance and other services you need to keep your critical power systems operational and reliable. The Vertiv UPS solutions we offer help ensure the investment you are making in your critical and backup power system is optimally efficient and cost-effective.

Assessment and Maintenance for Vertiv UPS Units

Vertiv UPS units have been one of the leading critical power solutions used by many organizations over the years. At DC Group, we offer our considerable experience and technical know-how to deliver the UPS inspection and maintenance services you need for your Vertiv UPS equipment.

Our Vertiv UPS service options include preventative maintenance for Vertiv critical power supply units, giving facility managers data they need promptly to implement effective solutions for UPS system issues before they turn into more costly repair or replacement needs.

Parts for Your Vertiv UPS Units

We have all the parts you need to properly service your Vertiv UPS units. With access to the largest inventory of UPS parts in the industry – including obsolete and OEM-discontinued parts – we are your premier source when you need repair or replacement work done on Vertiv UPS units. Our goal is to restore the optimal functionality and promote the maximum longevity of your Vertiv UPS system.