Site Sentry: Secure UPS Monitoring Software

Introducing the industry’s only secure remote UPS monitoring software. Uninterruptible power supply units are now software-driven, and – like any equipment accessed by software – they can be hacked. This not only puts your data at risk, it also means your equipment can be shut down or otherwise interrupted. Site Sentry encrypts and authenticates all data (the highest-level security protocol available), and protects your firewall integrity with a proxy agent. At the same time, Site Sentry stands guard over all your backup power supply equipment with flawless remote monitoring 24/7. See the Site Sentry ups monitoring software demo dashboard.

Get Alerts Instantly!

Site Sentry is complimentary with your DC Group maintenance and is fully mobile-friendly for on-the-go UPS monitoring. If any part of your backup power supply equipment is operating outside of specified conditions, you get an alert instantly by text, email or phone (your choice). You can set up custom notifications for everyone on your team, and turn alerts to “vacation mode” when you’re out of the office.

Stop downtime before it starts with Site Sentry’s 100% secure UPS monitoring software.

ups monitoring software graphic

Comprehensive UPS Monitoring

Site Sentry monitors unlimited UPS units and is compatible with every make/model of UPS unit that has an SNMP card (all modern UPS units). Site Sentry is intuitive and fully mobile-friendly so you can monitor from desktop, tablet or phone. Get instant readings for unlimited UPS units on:

  • Load protected status
  • Percent load on UPS
  • Loads balanced
  • Inverter component failures
  • Battery failures
  • Battery capacity
  • UPS temperature alarm
  • Input and output voltages
  • Alarm response status updates and progress comments
  • Other custom diagnostics results and alarms