DC Group COVID-19 Response

DC Group is taking extra steps to ensure flawless continuity of service for clients. Regular maintenance and emergency services will continue as usual. Employees who do not need to be on site are working from home, while parts and other mission-critical staff will remain on the job at the Minneapolis, MN, headquarters. Increased sanitation, including multiple daily cleaning and disinfection, has been implemented.

“This is a challenging time that is evolving day by day,” CEO Jon Frank said. “We are taking steps to protect all employees. Field Service Engineers generally work solo, and they’re covered by standard-issue ARC flash suits and full helmets with face masks, so fortunately there are not a lot of extra steps needed to protect them or any clients they come in contact with. We will remain fully operational and assess the situation regularly with the appropriate federal, state and local officials.”

DC Group encourages clients with particular questions or needs to contact their regular account manager or call 1.800.838.7927 for emergency service.


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