UPS Service Plans: Tailored to Your Business

At DC Group, we take the time to understand your specific needs and budget, crafting the ideal maintenance plan just for you. By carefully evaluating your site location(s), number of uninterruptible power systems, KVA rating, batteries, and components, we determine the UPS service level that fits your requirements.

All preventive maintenance contracts come with the complimentary PowerTools Suite™ for streamlined power management.

Choose from Three Contract Options:

Full-Service (FS) UPS Maintenance:
  • Our most comprehensive and popular plan
  • Fixed cost ensures accurate budgeting and planning.
  • Scheduled proactive maintenance PLUS 24/7/365 emergency service
  • Includes PowerTools Suite™ and all parts and labor.
UPS Preventive Maintenance (PM) Only:
  • For proactive service without emergency coverage.
  • Include the PowerTools Suite™
  • Any required parts are covered at Time and Materials rates.
Time and Materials (T&M):
  • Any UPS maintenance services not covered under regular contracts
  • Labor and Mileage are billed at predetermined rate
  • Minimum 4-hour labor

Maximum Flexibility

Contracts are available annually (12 months), multi-year, or prorated for a specific number of months per year. We offer flexible renewal options, allowing you to stagger maintenance contract renewals or consolidate with one simple renewal date.

Take advantage of locking in your first-year rate for subsequent years of service when certain renewal requirements are met.

Multi-site discounts are also available to suit your needs. Got questions?