The DC Group Difference: Setting the Standard for Engineer Safety Training

Our clients count on us for flawless uninterruptible power supply (UPS) service in essential facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada – data centers, hospitals, government operations, military buildings and more. We employ highly experienced (7+ years) field service engineers (FSEs) to ensure this quality, but there’s another key aspect of our commitment to exceptional uninterruptible power supply service: advanced safety training. We go above and beyond to equip our engineers with the knowledge, practice and skills they need to prevent (or contain) any risk.

At DC Group, safety training begins in our state-of-the-art training facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The structured training program starts when FSEs join the company and continues with mandatory yearly refresher courses. This includes 40-50 hours per year dedicated to reviewing essential safety procedures, protocols and any updated information. Additionally, DC Group keeps FSEs updated with required monthly FSE conference calls dedicated specifically to safety.

The DC Group training program covers every aspect of data center safety required in North America, including additional regulations needed in California and Canada. The program consists of 37 different modules, and topics range from the very basics (basic safety and CPR) to OSHA-10, U.S. Fall Protection & Fire Prevention Plans, Electrical Hazard (equivalent to U.S. NFPA-70E), Lockout/Tagout Procedures, Ladder Safety, Fall Protection, Job Hazard Analysis and more (see a full list below).

DC Group gives our power pros the training to meet and exceed safety protocols in data centers and other essential facilities. Our FSEs are ready to service your UPS equipment wherever they’re needed, 24/7 and 365 days a year!

dc group safety training

Basic Safety plus CPR
Back Safety
Fire Safety
Office Safety
Office Ergonomics Safety
Orientation Slips, Trips, & Falls
OSHA-10 Training
OSHA-10 Construction California
OSHA-10 Construction NFPA-70E
Confined Space Electrical Safety/LOTO
Confined Space WHMIS Training
Crane Safety
Exit Routes, Emergency Action
Crane Safety ESTS E
Electrical CSA Z4 62
Fall Protection & Fire Prevention Plans Electrical Hazard (equivalent to U.S. NFPA-70E)
Hand/Power Tools Ground Fault/Conductor Basics
Fall Protection
CAN-Lockout/Tagout Hazard Communication
Job Hazards Analysis (JHA)
Fire Protection
Heat Stress
Ground Fault
Ladder Safety
Hand/Power Tools
Safety Shower/Eye Wash
Hazard Communication Advanced for All Industries
Heat Illness
Aerial-Scissor Lift Benzene Intro Spill Prevention Asbestos Intro
Bloodborne Awareness (yearly)Compressed Gas Cylinder (if applicable)
Gas Monitoring & Calibration (if applicable)Waste Management
Defensive Driving/Fatigue
Eye Safety
General Housekeeping
Hazardous Waste
Noise/Hearing Hydrogen Sulfide
Respiratory Protection (yearly) Lead Hazards
Welding/Hot Work PSM (Process Safety Management)