DC Group sets itself apart with steady critical power parts supply during the pandemic

The pandemic has resulted in supply chain issues across the globe and across industries. The ripple effect has spread from supplier to business to client, sometimes with devastating impact on daily operations.

When it comes to uninterruptible power supply (UPS) service, delays are not an option—even during a pandemic. It’s imperative not only to act quickly in the event of a critical power emergency but also to maintain standards and consistency with proactive UPS parts replacement. Critical power equipment that receives regular maintenance prevents downtime, lasts longer, keeps utility bills low, and offers a much greater return on your original UPS investment.

DC Group found we were uniquely prepared to avoid parts and component delays throughout the pandemic, and maintained the level of expert service our clients have come to expect. DC Group’s on-site warehouse gave us a deep stock of over 1 million parts, including OEM-discontinued, rare UPS components, and UPS batteries. We also maintained stock for the newest software-driven UPS equipment from all the major manufactures. Our state-of-the-art barcode system allowed us to retain a proactive inventory with incredible accuracy. And our nationwide network of parts hubs gave us a critical advantage with fast on-site service response times for emergency service.

Putting the power in our clients’ hands was also a huge part of our success during the pandemic. D-Tech, our intuitive, interactive asset management software, helps clients anticipate repairs and replacements up to 10 years into the future. This allowed our clients and Account Manager to work together to anticipate costs and upcoming maintenance. Because D-Tech is accessed at three points—by the client, by the account manager and by the engineer—there’s a continuous flow of immediate information. This rapid communication tool became even more important during the pandemic.

At DC Group, every effort we make is devoted to service. Service is having the UPS parts you need, when you need them. Service is unbeatable on-site response time. And service means there is no compromise or loss of quality no matter what the situation. We remain ready to assist with all the replacement parts, extensive experience and quick service that has made us North America’s #1 independent service provider. Thank you for your continued trust during the pandemic; we will continue to have your back with the parts and service you need to keep going strong.