The PowerTools Suite™: The Future of Critical Power Management Has Arrived

DC Group redefines critical power management with an innovative suite of software solutions. Together, these tools are delivering unprecedented ease and efficiency.

D-Tech Mobile ExperienceD-Tech™ does the work for you by. It analyzes and presents information intelligently so you can find trends, plan proactively and create bulls-eye budgets. With a few taps you can check service reports, equipment stats, billing, end-of-life parts replacement, site summaries and more. Create custom reports and download everything easily. The full-featured D-Tech™ app also has everything you need for mobile site management.

Second in the PowerTools Suite™ is our new Site Sentry™ software. Standing guard 24/7, Site Sentry™ works like a life support system for your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipment. It monitors all aspects of equipment functionality so you can predict issues, and sends an alert to team members when there’s a potential problem. Quickly check load status, input/output voltages, remaining battery capacity and much more. In addition to specifics on each piece of equipment, Site Sentry™ gives you a site-level view so you can check sites and UPS equipment performance at a glance.

Site Sentry Graphics_allegraWhat does the PowerTools Suite™ mean for you? The power to find new trends and opportunities for efficiency. The power to get to new level of insight. The power to cut service costs and head off downtime. Most of all, the PowerTools Suite™ means a better, more streamlined way to do your job.

This proprietary software is available only to DC Group customers and is included with every contract. Set up an online demo or get in touch with your questions!


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