Parts Replacement: The Key to Smart Uninterruptible Power Supply Management

Protect yourself from budget blowout with regular fan and capacitor replacement.

One of the most important things you can do to manage uninterruptible power supply costs is to keep up with parts replacement. Fans and capacitors are two of the most overlooked — and most critical — components of your system. Malfunctions result in thousands of dollars of emergency repairs and hundreds of hours of business interruption each year. All of these issues are 100% preventable with a little planning.

Fan facts. Fans cool heat sinks in both the rectifier and inverter sections of your system. Faulty fans can cause significant temperature problems, load loss or even complete operations failure.

Capacitor care. Capacitors are part of an electric filter that improves the power quality of your unit. If you’re operating with deteriorated capacitors, you’re adding unnecessary stress to the whole system. This can cause load damage.

Dollars and common sense.

  • Consider the “hidden costs” of operating your system with a “run until failure” approach: Poorly performing capacitors affect harmonics, which means higher utility bills each month.
  • Capacitor failure may ruin battery strings — another costly repair.
  • A severe capacitor failure can result in fire, adding the cost of clean-up and extensive productivity loss.
  • Fans dissipate heat from SCR’s, IGBT’s and power modules. A single IGBT can cost upwards of $1200 if it is destroyed by excessive heat.
  • Replacing fans and capacitors keeps your equipment running at peak performance so you get the maximum efficiency from your uninterruptible power supply investment.

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