Onward and Outward: DC Group Headquarters Slated for Expansion

The history of DC Group has always been one of steady, solid growth. Most of the time the company focuses on the development of proprietary technologies and ground-breaking industry innovations. But this spring and summer DC Group will break ground in a more literalway, making space for an expanded Minneapolis headquarters and parking lot improvements.

“The expansion will include more office space with additional windows facing the Mississippi River, as well as more testing areas for our engineers,” CEO Jon Frank said. The company has already rented an additional 20,000 square feet of warehouse space to accommodate increased demand for parts. The parking lot will also be enlarged to make room for current and future employees. “We’ve finished the planning stage and are excited to get started,” Jon said. “It’s important to create a space that we can continue to grow into, and I look forward to seeing our future home come to life.”