You’re Covered Coast to Coast

At DC Group we’re known for our speedy response times across the U.S. and Canada. Here’s how we do it!

First, our field service engineers (FSEs) are full employees, not contractors, and we have hired for a very high level of expertise in our FSE staff—we have more OEM and military experience in our fleet of field service engineers than any other independent service provider. Being employees means that our FSEs have full support and ongoing training at our state-of-the-art training facility. It also means they’re accountable to a boss.

We have FSEs in almost every major city, which has cut our average response time in major metro areas to a half hour (our average response time overall holds steady at 2.35 hours). Along with our FSEs, we have strategically located parts hubs. Having the correct parts on hand is crucial to resolving issues quickly, so we keep those parts hubs supplied with OEM-discontinued and rare components as well as the most commonly used and in-demand parts. Additionally, we have two main warehouse locations that manage critical power components inventory and keep everyone stocked up.

This map shows the location and number of FSEs in green, parts hubs in orange and our main warehouses in blue.

critical power fse locations

Batteries are involved in a high percentage of critical power events, and we are relentless about keeping all the most commonly used batteries in stock, including Enersys and CSB.

Have any questions about our response time, parts inventory system or FSE staff? Please get in touch! We’re always happy to talk about how we can bring you the best critical power maintenance service available.




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