June 2013 US Business Executive: A Frank Look at the Future


Jon Frank appeared in a feature article for the winter edition of US Business Executive. The four-page spread traced the growth of DC Group along with the evolving power needs of the U.S. and explored Jon’s vision for the future of the company. Frank cited innovation, exceptional service and cost-effectiveness as strong factors for success.

Unlike many businesses, DC Group is growing during the economic recession. “We were named Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 two years in a row,” says Frank. “We’ve seen growth as high as 33-percent annually because we give a better solution to maintenance. Customers can save 25 percent over the original equipment manufacturer and our renewal rate is around 95 percent. People are now more open to an independent service provider than they have been in the past.” 

Although DC Group has had some of the highest-profile clients in the United States (including the FBI and Microsoft) mainstream awareness has been growing gradually. Recent media coverage signals a new chapter for DC Group as the company continues to make inroads across the U.S. and Canada. Frank’s strategy is summed up in his unwavering commitment to excellence. “We are top tier, with better service than most, and people are attracted to that.” View the full article or download a PDF.