A Closer Look at D-Tech: Intelligent Detection, Improved Power Performance


What makes D-Tech different? D-Tech sets the industry standard for data management because it gives users the power to easily review, analyze and report on key data. It’s an intelligent, relational system that lets you use your data in a number of ways for smart power management.

Trending: Map out equipment repairs from the smallest parts to entire UPS units. This feature allows for long-term forecasting and better budget use.

Service checks: Check on service technician reports, preventative maintenance visits, quotes for service and root cause analysis from field engineers.

Reporting: D-Tech lets you filter reports to get you what you need quickly and easily. Many of our customers have hundreds of sites, and wading through reports is extremely time consuming. D-Tech lets you filter, summarize and get a snapshot in seconds.

Search: Use the search function to get an update on the most specific piece of equipment or entire sites.

Take it on the go! Take your critical data with you with the D-Tech phone App.

Recent improvements: We’ve added a new page called Contractor Equipment List which lists all the equipment/jobs serviced by contractors and allows you to see the service report immediately. We’ve also updated the proactive replacement section. You can now forecast equipment replacement up to 10 years in advance.

DC Group itself runs on D-Tech. From billing to Account Management to field technicians, from the warehouse to the customers, D-Tech allows for faster operations, flawless accuracy and immediate access to key data. It’s the key to our unbeatable 100% service completion rate! Take D-Tech for a test drive with the D-Tech demo at the bottom of this page.

Remote, real-time monitoring is on the way!

Our team of innovators never stops working on ways for you to manage power more efficiently. Toward the end of 2013 we’ll be rolling out remote monitoring, which will allow for real-time monitoring of all equipment and 24/7 data access. Stay tuned for updates.