Case Study: A Big Move. Real Savings.

Moving a business is expensive, but with expert advice, it’s possible to cut costs around uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipment. Recently, a longstanding DC Group client had outgrown their facility and needed a bigger location with room to grow. They found the right building in the right place, however the deal included a brand new 10kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) unit with a $94,000 price tag.

Their DC Group account manager checked in and learned about the proposed new system. He had worked closely with this client and knew the equipment in place had years of service life left. The existing UPS system was more powerful than the proposed new unit (30kVA vs the 10kVA) and the batteries were only a year old. There was no need for a new UPS system, especially one that reduced the UPS equipment capacity of a growing business.

Using existing equipment: A smarter power move.

Instead of purchasing the new, smaller system, DC Group suggested moving and maintaining the current UPS. DC Group certified field service technicians refreshed the equipment, installing new capacitors and fans. Engineers also did a thorough inspection after the move and discovered a code violation, performing a quick proactive repair that also prevented an expensive failure down the road. With the move complete and the electrical system up to code, the total cost to the client was just over $6,000. That’s roughly $88,000 less than the original proposal.

The DC Group solution optimized existing equipment, which helped the client. It also was a green decision that kept a functional UPS system from being unnecessarily decommissioned and sent to a landfill. The benefits won’t end after the move-in date either, the significant savings will allow the client to proactively plan and budget for UPS maintenance costs over the next 5-10 years.

The Bottom Line: Personal Attention Saves Money

One thing we’ve found at DC Group is that there’s no substitute for our attentive, long-standing relationships with our clients. DC Group’s independent model means we always put our clients first. We don’t have to sell or push new units or any particular brand, and our business model is built on service – period. We’re here to make sure you get the best performance and value from your UPS units. This customer now has a better unit with plenty of life in it, and one that we can support with our extensive inventory of UPS parts. Long after the Original Equipment Manager (OEM) has stopped supporting your UPS system components, and even after someone else proposes new equipment, DC Group can usually step in with another option. If you’re being told you need a new UPS unit, talk to us first! We support every make and model of UPS equipment with streamlined, proactive one-stop service.

Today, DC Group is North America’s #1 Independent UPS maintenance provider. We look forward to earning your trust as well!

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