Site Sentry™: Powerful Technology Available Soon to our Clients

Maintaining continuous uptime for mission critical uninterruptible power systems is more than a full time job. You’re not on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but very soon the technology will exist to stand guard for you. DC Group is nearing development completion of a proprietary, advanced software solution known as Site Sentry, which will be available exclusively to DC Group customers. “Where Site Sentry differs from other products is in its intuitive design,” CEO Jon Frank said, “it breaks down data so that the information is highly usable.”

UPS equipment is subject to a huge variety of conditions including building temperatures, power grid fluctuations and more. Site Sentry software runs continuous diagnostics and sends immediate alerts to key players if a metric is outside of optimum parameters. It also gives you at-a-glance insight into battery temp and capacity, load level, voltage and much more. If something isn’t right, you and our techs are the first to know.

Plan for a future of continuous uptime, Site Sentry will be available to our clients soon! We’ll also be announcing several additional software innovations designed to give our customers the very best uptime tools in the industry.

Site Sentry LTP