Jon Frank Talks to The Wall Street Journal

In an article appearing 8/1/2014, Wall Street Journal writer Ben Leubsdorf cited CEO Jon Frank’s opinions about economic growth and hiring trends. The article, titled “Hiring Settles Into Steady Gains; JWSJuly Growth Contributes to Strongest Six-Month Stretch Since 2006,” appeared in the economy section of the print edition as well as online. It gives hard figures about the labor market and employment health, as well as facts and anecdotal evidence regarding the most robust stretch of hiring in post-recession history. Leubdsorf examines whether this hiring lift is cause for general optimism about the economic health of the country.

Frank related his experience with the continued expansion of DC Group and spoke about the impact of the company’s growth on the local job market. Frank reveals that DC Group’s growth represents a substantial win for Minnesota employment, as the company plans to hire at least 45 people by the end of 2014, bringing the total of hires for the year to 80.

This isn’t the first acknowledgement DC Group has received for contributions to the nation’s economy. In 2012, the company received Inc. Magazine’s inaugural “Hire Power Award,” which honored companies assisting with job growth and economic recovery in the U.S.

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