Leaving laptops in the dust a new proprietary App speeds DCG tech time

DC Group continues to bring the UPS industry up to the speed of technology with another custom App. Like theD-Tech App, the goal is faster, better service for the client. But unlike the D-Tech client portal, this App is designed for DCG Techs only. “By putting everything our techs need at their fingertips, we skip the cumbersome process of opening a laptop and logging in on site. Everything is right on their Android,” said Suresh Punna, Sr. Software Developer.

Since its launch in November, technicians have used the App to quickly check job information, site histories, updates and reminders. The unique GPS tracking feature means they don’t have to log their travel time/miles because the App does it all automatically. “All this translates into speedier service for the customer, which is always our prime mission,” Suresh continued. Techs can even review expenses and take customer signatures on the spot. “DC Group has always been known for innovative uses of technology,” said President Jon Frank. “We’ll continue to explore mobile advances and their potential for efficiency and superior service on the job.”