Site SentryTM: Instant Critical Equipment Insight

Standing guard 24/7, Site Sentry displays crucial information about your uninterruptible power supply unit(s) in a single, intuitive interface. Like a life support system for your equipment, it organizes data into a user-friendly format and sends immediate alarms any time there is an issue. Your data is completely secured, encrypted and authenticated. Proxy software ensures devices aren’t exposed to the internet. Site Sentry  is the only software of its kind with this level of security.

View everything from load status to input and output voltages to temperature and remaining battery capacity. Site Sentry delivers unmatched insight into performance and immediate notifications for the fastest possible return to uptime.

Site Sentry Services

D-TechTM: Intelligent Detection and Reporting

We developed D-Tech because there was nothing like it in the industry, and nothing has ever come close. The only site management interface that is shared by the tech, account management and the client, D-Tech lets you manage a single site or hundreds of sites with one streamlined interface. Three robust portals combine for three times more stability and power protection. Best of all, D-Tech is an advanced budgeting tool that can help you discover efficiencies, forecast component replacement and trend load percentages for savings.

Be the first to know with “Quick Snapshot Alerts.” Here’s how it works: An engineer makes a site visit and uploads a report to D-Tech. An alert with a snapshot summary goes right to your smart phone. You stay informed everywhere you go.

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