D-Tech Interface

In addition to helping to prevent and resolve down time, D-Tech makes everyday UPS power management simpler. Access everything you need with point-and-click simplicity through the secure extranet and login. Integrated with our accounting systems, D-Tech allows for complete transparency in reporting and tracking.

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The D-TechTM Difference

  • Streamlined, centralized management for multiple sites
  • Standard with every DC Group service contract
  • 24/7 online access, complete uninterruptible power supply software
  • Online status and event reports
  • Complete scheduling and predictive tools for budgeting
  • Timely on-site uploads from your field tech
  • Mobile phone app D-Tech alerts
  • Say goodbye to down time

The Client Portal

Manage one site or hundreds of sites across the U.S. or Canada. The client portal organizes all your complex information into one intuitive interface. Get an instant view or report on: equipment locations and inventories, equipment status and service recommendations, past service and schedules for future service. Trend end-of-life up for fans, capacitors, batteries and other common components up to 10 years from a single screen. The technology lets you easily download all your uninterruptible power supply reporting into your own Excel spreadsheets or other programs.

The Technician Portal

This portal offers complete transparency with every preventative maintenance or emergency visit. While other technicians waste valuable time on paperwork, our technicians upload all the details from their laptops into the D-Tech portal, so you get full reports with remarkable speed.

The Account Manager Portal

The account portal is the key to our exceptional customer service, allowing our dedicated Account Managers to handle all your maintenance, replacement and service schedules for total efficiency and optimum uptime.

No Obligation, No Hype.

Drop a line to see D-Tech at work or go to the online demo to see the dashboard. Use the login “demo” and the password “Detection123!”